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Keying Systems

Mul-T-Lock develops and designs keying systems to meet the evolving needs of your business. Our patented keying systems prioritize high-security and technological innovation, for secure and reliable locking solutions.

Keying Options Dedicated to satisfying customers’ needs, Mul-T-Lock offers many convenient and customizable keying options. These options range from traditional to innovative and are designed to offer ease-of-use and full control over locking systems. The simplest and most common keying option, Keyed Different locking systems, is comprised of multiple cylinders and keys. A single key can only unlock each cylinder and no key can unlock more than one cylinder, affording you maximum access control and security over your assets.

Keyed Alike The epitome of convenient keying solutions, the Keyed Alike option allows for the operation of multiple doors with just a single key. Several products in a single system can be keyed to the same locking combination, enabling them all to be unlocked using the same key.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems (MKS) are smart, scalable and super- effective keying solutions in which selected keys are configured to open a number of predefined entries, using different types of locking products and efficient planning. The MKS provide organizations with seamless access control and high security protection while economizing on the number of keys in circulation.

Mul-T-Lock’s MKS Design tool and MASTERpiece software enable you to enjoy an unmatched technological product. Our professionals will help you design, build and maintain a highly effective and efficient system that ideally suits your needs, providing you with ongoing expert support throughout the installation and implementation process.

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