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Easy online key duplication - Please choose the keyway from the platforms drop down.

The keyway code can be found on the Mul-T-Lock ID card.


When placing the order, please fill in the key combination (5) letters and key combination (5) numbers.

Key Combination is usually located on the bottom line of the Mul-T-Lock ID card.


MTL800/MT5+ (616B or 615B) (5) letters and (5) numbers combination is encrypted! we need physically the card.

Please contact us for more info!!


** We CAN'T make copies of keys without the Mul-T-Lock ID card/key combination letters and key combination numbers **


Orders placed without (5) letters and (5) numbers combination or picture of the Mul-T-Lock ID card, will be cancelled and refunded.

The client will be charged a 6% credit card fee.

Mul-T-Lock Key Duplication

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