Heavy Duty ORNAMENTAL Iron Gate Double Cylinder Mortise Lockset 2-1/2" Backset 1"X 7-1/8" Faceplate.

  • Double solid brass cylinders Schalge Keyway keyed alike with 2 keys.
  • 2-1/2" Backset, Lock Face front: 1" W X 7-1/8"H.
  • Spring loaded spindles with Strike and mounting screws included.
  • Works and fits same as Marks 22AC.
  • Through-bolted knob plate assemblies.


All Mul-t-lock items come standard with 2 keys and 1 Mul-lock key code I.D. card.



The new MT5+ features not only a double-sided flat key but also 3 active locking mechanisms: - The locking bar mechanism is one of the three technologies featured in the MT5+. Correct alignment of the top bar pins depends upon the correct combination key being inserted. - The new -generation product is also based on a new configuration of Mul-t-lock's well-honed telescopic pin technology. - The tip of the key has a revolutionary mobile interacting spring - the Alpha Sprring. The Alpha Spring engages a unique pin at the rear of the mechanism, creating another shearline. All MT5+ products have a double-sided unique MT5+ key. One set of cuts is for the telescopic pin mechanism and the other cut, the milled pattern, is for the locking bar. 

Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Iron Gate Double Cylinder Mortise Lockset

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