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MulTLock & Residential and Condominuims

Mul-T-Lock has a wide range of products that give families peace-of-mind combined with convenience and flexibility. Used together or separately, you can create a secure environment that’s easy to control.

From your exterior entryways and through to interior rooms you want to have simple but strong access control, you will find the ideal Mul-T-Lock solution with: ENTR™ - Smart lock solution that allows you to control your door lock right from your smartphone, tablet and a variety of other access devices. Easy to install, and maintain and use. Digital Door Viewer – lets you know who’s coming to your door before they get there with an embedded camera automatically takes a picture of visitors when you’re there or not. Easy-to-use and install, the whole family will be able to operate it. Code-It® — is an innovative electronic security handle, with a built-in, automatic locking mechanism. With it, users can conveniently control the access to interior spaces or rooms simply by shutting the door; and then reopen it with a personal code. This keyless solution is ideal for offices, storage rooms or a study at home. SMARTair™ — is an electromechanical access control solution that is simple to program and easy to use. SMARTair can be mounted directly onto existing mechanical locks – no wiring required – to enable its smart capabilities including authorizations, time schedules, event logs, instant cancellation of lost or stolen electronic cards, and more. Vehicle Protection Solutions — protecting your home includes the valuable assets you have the surround it including your vehicles. Mul-T-Lock vehicle protection solution such as CarDfense gear locks, WatchLock and others, provide security for your cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles. FleX Control Cylinder — gives you effective and reliable entrance control, with a basic and simple-to-operate cylinder solution that is reversible when necessary. It’s an ideal solution for use with domestic staff, temporary workers and even full-time employees. Range of Market-leading High Security Platforms — CLIQ®, MT5®+, Interactive®+, Integrator®, Classic, 7x7® — Mul-T-Lock locking platforms are designed to be highly resistant to picking, drilling and intrusion; and with your personal key card you can easily and securely duplicate your keys at authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers. . Lock, Padlock & Cylinder Formats – our wide product range and unique applications enable you to have High Security protection anywhere you need it with patented key control mechanical and electromechanical platforms. Keying Possibilities — depending on your needs, Mul-T-Lock has a variety of possibilities that include: Keyed Different, each cylinder has its own combination and is opened by its unique key, or Keyed Alike, a one-key-fits-all solution.

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